A Spectacular Venue Highlighting Tokyo’s Vibrant Nightlife! Horse racing in Japan operates under one of the two racing authorities: the Japan Racing Association (JRA), administered by the national government, or by the National Association of Racing (NAR), which is administered by government designated prefectures and municipalities. Tokyo City Keiba (TCK), an NAR affiliate, is held at the regional Ohi Racetrack of Tokyo. Ohi is a typical right-handed, dirt circuit with a circumference of 1,600 meters (1 mile). The straight is 386 meters in length and 25meters in width. This makes TCK one of the largest regional racetrack in Japan. The birthplace of many legendary dirt champions, TCK looks up to the American racing system, the home of dirt racing, as a role model and schedules all three triple crown races for 3 year olds in the spring.

Since opening in 1950 in metropolitan Tokyo, TCK has attracted countless race goers of all ages and genders. Evening and night racing, known as “Twinkle Races”, are held from late March through November. Due to the tracks convenient city location, these races have become a popular dating spot for young couples, as well as a well-deserved diversion for the city’s businessmen after a hard days work. TCK is renowned for its gorgeous illuminated ornaments and is popular with non-racing fans as well. The whole venue literally “twinkles” after dark, creating an atmosphere conducive to fun and racing entertainment.

The landmark edifice at TCK is its new grandstand, the “L-Wing”, completed in December 2003. The “L” stands for Landmark and “Wing” for the remarkable shape of its roof, which resembles the wings of a bird. Situated directly in front of the finish line this unique 6 story structure seats 2,732 guests and accommodates a crowd of approximately 5,000. Featuring fine dining in a fashionable and luxurious setting, the restaurants in the “L-Wing” are always packed.

TCK Join hands with Santa Anita Park in a Friendship Agreement and contributes to the Japanese Racing scene!

TCK’s GI races, the Teio Sho and the Tokyo Daishoten are two of the most important races in Japan. They decide the dirt champion of the year! Wagering is offered in Tokyo and at all NAR Racetracks nationwide. TCK has also looked to expand on an international level by signing a Friendship Agreement with Santa Anita Park. In recognition of the agreement, TCK holds “Santa Anita Week” every summer. This is a very fun and popular event highlighted by the main race, the one mile “Santa Anita Trophy” (GIII) race. The agreement also affords delegations of promising young Japanese jockeys and trainers the opportunity to visit Santa Anita and actually gain experience and learn from American experts in dirt racing.

In addition, star jockeys from Santa Anita, such as L. Pincay Jr., C. McCarron, and K. Desormeaux have come to TCK to showcase their remarkable skills at the Jockeys Friendship Series. Packed the stands of racing fans witness the exciting rallies between the top US and the Southern Kanto District jockeys.

As you can see, TCK contributes to Japanese racing enormously as a globally focused racetrack.

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